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    This Product is designed to implement inbound calling as per the clients requirements, Voice-XML is used as a major component in designing the inbound call to come up with automated voice. DTMF is used as a major input for controlling the call sequence. Any statistics or general information regarding any products can be easily obtained from the customer using this innovative products.

    Speech recognition is the major technology which is making the customers to feel at ease. An improvement to DTMF, in this product Speech is used for getting easy inputs from the clients & apart from that, customer's real voice can be recorded which can be used for taking inputs & processing the call as per customer's request.

    Mobile Cloud Computing is the latest technology , which is making the world to turn back to mobiles instead of Desktops. This Product is mainly used to accesses confidential informations from Cloud Database using Android Mobiles. Based on the users input, the datas can be viewed on the go making us feel at ease. Username & Passwords are used to show the classification of the user , based on that confidential datas can be shared in mobile.

    Embedded technology is mainly used for various automation systems in factories,Homes & Automible industries.This product can be customized to suite the clients's requirements based on the automation system demanded by the requirements.